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SANGASUPA 100ml, 500ml, 1L, 5L

An emulsifiable concentrate for cattle dip and spray

Contains Chlorfenvinphos 20.0%, Cymiazol 16.0% & Cypermethrin 2.5%. Kills Blue ticks (including Pyrethroid resistant strains), Red-legged tick, Bont-legged tick, Bont-tick sand Brown ear ticks, controls nuisance flies (stomoxys) and houseflies.

Sangasupa is a concentrated formula for use as a dip wash or spray when diluted with water. Sangasupa is effective for the control of all ticks, biting and nuisance flies as well as tsetse flies on cattle, sheep and goats.

For use on

Cattle, Goats, Sheep

Effective against

All Ticks
Nuisance flies
Tsetse flies
Lice & mange mites
Directions for use Warnings Active ingredients


Dip Tank

  • Initial fill 1:600
  • Head count replenishment system: 900ml for every 100 head dipped

Spray Races or Knapsack

  • Fill 1:600
  • Add 10ml of Sangasupa per 6L of water

16L Knapsack

  • Add 27ml of Sangasupa to 16L of water

Withdrawal period

DO NOT use milk from treated animals for human consumption within 12 hours of last application

DO NOT slaughter animals for human consumption within 10 days of last application

For external treatment only on animals. Avoid contact with the concentrate. In case of accidental skin contact, remove contaminated clothing and wash skin thoroughly with soap and water.

Avoid prolonged contact with dip-wash or inhalation of spray mist.

DO NOT EAT, DRINK OR SMOKE while mixing or during the use of dip

Prevent contamination of food, utensils, grazing, drinking water, dams, rivers, etc

Handle with care. Poisonous by contact, swallowing or inhalation. In the case of poisoning consult a doctor and make this label available.


Chlorfenvinphos 20.0%m/v

Cymiazol 16.0%m/v

Cypermethrin 2.5%m/v


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